by Passburg

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** Named #7 Edmonton Album of 2013 - on! **


This record is dedicated to Carissa Halton; you are so much like the Mountains to me - impressive, compelling, overwhelming, beautiful, challenging and ever-changing.
Thanks to Tim, Kyle, Tyrn, Andrew and Doug for playing on the record! You made it your own. And to Tim for the album art design.
Special thank you to the Edmonton Arts Council for the all-important financial contribution that made this possible.

Passburg is a ghosttown in the Southern Canadian Rockies, clinging to the edge of the Flathead Range. Passburg is also the music name of Mat Halton, with significant - and lots of - input from these guys:

Tyrn Armstrong - Drums, door, percussion
Tim Wilson - Bass, noise
Kyle Cullen - Guitars
Andrew Pahl - Guitars, Ideas
Doug Organ - Hammond, Vibraphone

Recorded 'Live off the floor' and Mixed by Doug Organ at Edmontone Studio, Edmonton AB
Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studio, NY
Artwork by Steven Wilson
Design and Layout by Timothy Wilson
c Mat Halton 2013 (SOCAN)

Distribution: RedKnot Records



released August 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Passburg Edmonton, Alberta

Passburg likes crunchy guitars, soul-inspired vocals and lots and lots of tremolo.

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Track Name: Mountain
I can't claim I've accomplished great things
[I'm still breathing]
I can feel my weight under my feet
[I'm still standing]
and I'm sure that this can't be true
but I see it
and I thought that it wasn't you
but I can't leave it

fire light, say something right to me now
[so I can't fail]
if I'm wise, I'd stand up and lock this one down
[before I exhale]
I'm too young to know when its real
like I can't see
I'm too new to recognize you
not this time

and I know its heavy
I feel it too
I'm letting it take me
I hope you do

I feel myself falling in
to you again
You're like the Mountain to me
pulling relentlessly
I feel myself falling in
to you again
I'm like the Mountain cuz I
I'm crumbling
Track Name: You're not a Bird
She feels like and adult
when she loses teeth, she believes
for just a moment
there's something that she wants in me
and I can't say that I never wanted it anyway

I'd be like my father
I'm trying, but I can't relate
and I'm trying to stay focused,
but the worlds such an infinite place.
and I can't say I'm confident that I'm gonna be

but I'm a Modern Man
tying to make my move
I'm like a tree,
clinging to my roots
but you're not a bird
you won't fly to me...

and I've tried wearing your shoes.
they're planted, and they're sturdy, and they're plain
but I'm finding them too heavy
to be ready and quick on my feet
and I'm too damn impatient
to lock it in/buckle down/to commit
and I can't go forever,
never reaching/never reaching out/never...
and I can't say that I'm ready to go for another round!

but I'm a Modern Man
tying to make my move
I'm like a tree,
clinging to my roots
but you're not a bird
you won't fly to me...

mumble mumble... I need to start showing teeth.
Track Name: Making Changes
I feel squeezed
You've used up all the air
these tiny spots
On your hands and hair
You're making changes

When sentences
Don't have a chance to end
You're pinned up hair
Is coming out again
You're making changes
Track Name: Hollow Bones
I'm asking you to float me one more time
I asked The Lord to show me cuz I'm blind
I went in shakin
I went in naked
you pulled me in

I'm sorry for these ribs and hollow bones
Theres' insufficient weight to set the tone
its such a burden
I feel a tremblin
its gotta go

its nice to see you when you fall apart
to see you put the horse behind the cart
then I can be the strong one
I'll show you what I've got
yeah I'll be the man
Track Name: Learner
I know not to bother you
When your eyes are like that
There’s a whole different energy
When you’re holding your head just like that
It’s a good thing I learned that

There’s times that I’m not sure -
Not sure I should point these things out
I guess I could tell you, but then I know
You’d adapt and do something else
And I just can’t have that

I know I should not escape
When you’re wearing that certain face
It’s all about angles and speed and something else
– it can’t explain it –
But I’m so glad I learned it

You send all these messages
I appreciate that
I learn how to translate them
(though it takes me years)
I’m getting better at it
but that’s why you send them

I try to be a learner
I try to figure you out
I know that I should talk more, oh I know that
I try to be a learner
I try to figure you out,
I use my eyes and ears but it takes years…